Hi, i'm implementing a game using Box2D. The game itself is quite simple, but I needed collision detection on a rotated entity; by default ImpactJS only rotates the anim sheet but not the entity, so the colission will be handle always by unrotated rectangles, thats the only reason to switch to box2d. In the game i'm creating the collission map with a lot of tiles to be able to make curves paths but i'm experimenting lags on the game and sometimes the forces applied become unpredictable. The collission layer is made by tiles of 5 pixels, and the smaller map is of 300 x 200 tiles (that implies about 400 -1000 generated Box2d bodies to handle the colissions). I don't know if this is the best way to handle my collision paths because each tile becomes a box2d body and that could be affecting the performance at some times. Is there any way to handle collission with rotated entities on impact without Box2d?.