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1 decade ago by CaueCR

Hello again! After getting no more responses about my XDK problem, I've decided to try out CocoonJS. It worked with smooth performance in Android but I've noticed two problems:
1- There's no sound at all, the sound works on the desktop browser, and I'm using Impact's ig.Sound and ig.Music;
2- The touch is incredibly strange, when I touch the screen the actual touching field is to the left of the point I've touched, and that causes all kinds of wrong colisions.

If anyone could help me, I'd appreciate it.
Thanks for your time!

1 decade ago by CaueCR

Nobody can help me? It even looks like nobody has ported a game to mobile, although I've seen Impact games on mobile devices. If I'm the only one having this problem, why nobody answered me?

Should I lose my faith in this forum? Because it certainly looks so.

If anyone read this and feel like helping someone new in Impact, I appreciate your concern.


1 decade ago by CaueCR

I've solved the sound problem by myself a few minutes ago, now the only problem left is the touch behavior.

1 decade ago by NiftyKey

CaueCR, I'm actually having a similar problem trying to get Impact to work in CocoonJS.

I took the "Super Generic Jump N' Run" example and tried to port it to CocoonJS. The touch controls work fine, but I can't get any sound to work at all. In fact, it appears that it's not even loading the sound files.

Might I ask how you were able to fix your sound problem?

As for the touch behavior, some more specifics would be helpful. I am inclined to say that it could be an issue with how your canvas is being scaled, but without knowing more it's just a guess.

1 decade ago by CaueCR

It was exactly that! The canvas extending, when I changed the resolution of the canvas, the touch events worked properly xD

Thanks for the heads up!

Now, about the sound, my problem was the following lines:

if( ) {
ig.Sound.enabled = false;

I forgot to comment then, if you got the super generic jump n' run from the site, probably these lines are responsible for the problem.

Hope this solves your problem!

1 decade ago by NiftyKey

Ugh, the sound problem was that obvious? Yes, that worked for me. Thanks!

1 decade ago by CaueCR

Yeah, it was so obvious I started laughing loud here at work xD

Good to know it worked!

Good luck on your games!

1 decade ago by sviudes

I was having an issue with touch events like you when using CocoonJS. I solved it creating a simple plugin. Hope it helps someone else:

1 decade ago by Nitin

Quote from NiftyKey
Ugh, the sound problem was that obvious? Yes, that worked for me. Thanks!

can you send the changes you have to make to the files for cocoonjs port? I am trying to port it but somehow the touch buttons are not working. Thanks.
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