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7 years ago by richardelms

Hi Guys

I started with ImpactJS 4 months ago and i'm loving it.

I have nearly finished my first game.

Before releasing it I wanted to ask about the legal side of using peoples plugins and snippits.

If i implement a plugin or snippit in my game do i have to worry about making money from it?

Obviously i'm not expecting to make a lot of money as its my first game and it's not exactly am AAA title, but I thought It was worth asking to make sure I don't step on anyone's toes!



7 years ago by lTyl

Most plugins have a LICENSE file in the Git repo/whereever you got it from, or otherwise says the type of license the work is under. (Commonly, this is MIT)

If the work doesn't explicitly say the license it is released under, do not assume you can use it in a commerical product (IE. One that makes money). In that case, contact the author of the plugin you are using and make sure you are using their work in a way that they allow.

7 years ago by richardelms

Thanks for the clear advice, i'll check those licences!
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