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1 decade ago by danmilward

Hello. I am looking for a developer to help us integrate / rebuild our Flixel based Flash game into Impact.

Our game is a side scrolling platform game and all the level data is stored in a database and dished up to Impact as a JSON file.

Please respond if you think you can do this or whether or not you think Impact is even capable. I really hope that is the case.


1 decade ago by Jerczu

It depends - can you post a link to your game? For example at this moment Impact don't support sloped tiles so if your game does it probably will cause a lot of grief to someone who will take this job.

1 decade ago by danmilward

Definitely no sloping tiles. Just a good old fashioned platform game.

Do you have the resources to do any development?

1 decade ago by danmilward

So. Are there any developers out there that could handle doing this work?

1 decade ago by Jib

Hello Dan,

as Jerczu asked, we need more information to be able to answer you correctly.
You can mail me at jb (blabla) studiomelipone (bla) eu if you wish.

Links to the current game, assets, docs, deadines, budget... anything can help :)
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