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1 decade ago by ArcadeHype

Im trying to "Run" my game in xCode 4.5.2 but when i click "Run" i get a popup message that says "Build Failed". The xCode error message i am getting is the following:

clang: error: '-I-' not supported, please use -iquote instead

Im not sure what this error is indicating as i have practically no experience with xCode (and Ejecta) so this is all new to me.

If anyone can shed some light on that error message i would appreciate it.


1 decade ago by coreysnyder

Did you potentially copy and paste code into your editor and pick up some bad quote marks? I know sometimes if you paste of of the browser into your code you"ll get an apostrophe that is no good. That's my best guess.

Check out this post:

1 decade ago by ArcadeHype

I copied it from a text file so i went back and opened my main.js file in Komodo and copied the code from there and its working now...i guess it was a quote issue.

So now im running into another issue. When i click "Run" xCode starts publishing my game for my iPhone 3gs and manages to install the application but the application fails to load on my iphone and xCode keeps spitting out error messages along these lines:

"failed to get the task for process 952"

So now i have no idea what any of these "failed task process codes" mean or how i can even resolve/debug them - and i don't see any additional error reporting in xCode.

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

The debugger console has been quite good for me. Does it get to the stage where it loads all your game assets and spits them out in the console? Usually I'll see it load my large list of assets in, and sometimes I'll notice it chokes on one of them and keeps going. So it helps to scroll through the output line by line and make sure everything looks good.

1 decade ago by ArcadeHype

I set xCode to RUN in iphone 6 simulator and that showed me all the errors i was encountering so i was able to fix my issues - and i got my game working on my iphone 3GS :]

Thanks for the help!

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

No problem man. Congrats! Things get WAY more fun when you get them running on your phone. I suggest posting your app on so you can share with others for testing. I have about 20 people right now banging on my app every release. its quite fun getting feedback and doing dev cycles..

1 decade ago by ArcadeHype

Awesome man, thanks for the info - I will definitely check out that site.

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