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9 years ago by tkorkalainen


I am using Ejecta with ImpactJS. My game takes about 2 minutes to load all resources using preloader into iPad 2. For example, a background PNG (384x256 px, 66.5 KB) takes approximately 46 seconds to load (I added additional logging into EJBindingImage's endLoad method to find this out). That background file is largest image in the game and the game includes a total of 35 images.

Is this normal or should PNGs load faster? Many thanks in advance for any thoughts related to this issue.

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9 years ago by tkorkalainen

Thanks Dominic!

If anyone ever wonders the same, remember to read instructions and documentation more carefully than I did:

Also, when running under Ejecta, always call ig.main() with a scale of 1. Don't let Impact do the scaling, or load times will be really long. You can check if you're running under Ejecta with if( window.ejecta ) {…}
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