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1 decade ago by papyhardcore


I started with ImpactJS.
I try to make a small vertical shoot.
I defined a Player class and BulletPlayer class.

My class Player:
My class BulletPlayer:
My main.js

When I try to shoot I have this message :

Uncaught ReferenceError: EntityBullet is not defined (00:22:23:442 | error, javascript)
    at ig.Entity.extend.update (public_html/lib/game/entities/Player.js:44:43)
    at (anonymous function) (public_html/lib/impact/impact.js:509:19)
    at ig.Game.ig.Class.extend.updateEntities (public_html/lib/impact/game.js:213:9)
    at ig.Game.ig.Class.extend.update (public_html/lib/impact/game.js:183:8)
    at ig.Game.extend.update (public_html/lib/game/main.js:32:8)
    at (anonymous function) (public_html/lib/impact/impact.js:509:19)
    at (public_html/lib/impact/game.js:170:8)
    at (public_html/lib/impact/system.js:108:17)
    at animate (public_html/lib/impact/impact.js:436:4)

I do not understand WHY I have this error.

1 decade ago by FragOnly


You have defined an "EntityBulletPlayer" but in your Player class you have the following:
var bullet = new EntityBulletPlayer();,this.pos.x, this.pos.y);

Notice that the second line says: "EntityBullet" and not "EntityBulletPlayer"
I wonder if those two lines shouldn't be:
var bullet =,this.pos.x, this.pos.y);

1 decade ago by papyhardcore

I reread several times all lines of code without seeing this error.
Thank you very much.
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