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1 decade ago by sleenee

Hmm, i changed my tilesize (made a new level with everything double the size) and suddenly my game doesn't want to fit into the canvas anymore.

The only thing I can see is the top left corner of my level which is a square in the down right corner of an otherwise black canvas. so the canvas is actually focussed on an area above and more to the left than the game-world. There is nothing there, but that's what the canvas focusses on.

What are the things you can do wrong in order to fuck things up like this? I have a feeling it will take me more time to figure out a (probably stupid) mistake like this, than someone here quickly pointing me out what I might have done wrong.

a lot of thanks in advance!


1 decade ago by sleenee

Ok nevermind , my collision layer was not sized correctly. So for every noob ever encountering the same thing --> always check that all layers are sized correctly!
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