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9 years ago by ansimuz

I am putting my game to OUYA but i got a low performance with the webview by putting the game in a webview template as explained in this guide:

Now i'm trying cocoonjs to see if get a better performance by compiling the game into an apk with the accelerated canvas+ by Cocoonjs .

However i dont fully understand how to bind the controller. Ludei staff pointed me to use the gamepad api and it should work but i am a little confused (as always in gamepad matters) on how to point the OUYA controller with the gamepad api.

At Ludei they have this script:

and they say it can be compatible with the plug in made by Dominic:

Any idea how to make a plug-in to bind the controller using those scripts.

9 years ago by ansimuz


i found that my gamepad.js had a logic error.

By the way i found this game "Bit Wars" that is working on the OUYA correctly and helped me find the issue.

The develope is sharing his code. Take a look:
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