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7 years ago by vikas

If i am implementing a html5 game using impactJS and i use phonegap to convert any specific device oriented apps.But in that how can i implement In-App purcahse my game . Is it possible using impactJS/phoneGap? If yes then whats the process. Reply

7 years ago by TylerAppmobi

It is possible to implement payments through phonegap and Impact. You'd have to implement the plugin for in app purchases then integrate that way. I'm assuming you're asking about iOS integration, heres their plugin on gitHub for iOS IAP:

appMobi has an easier integration solution for in app purchases in our container. You basically just have to include a js file, set up your item you're selling in apphub, set them up in apple's developer center, and call the function from your code using JS.

Here's some information on appMobi's solution:


7 years ago by vikas

Thanx. :)
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