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1 decade ago by Nozferatu

Not looking for snippets or anything, I imagine this would be incredibly difficult to pull off (though I would be more than happy to be proven wrong ^‿^). I had an idea for a game that involved writing simple runes on the screen to interact with the game environment in various ways.

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I think drawing the runes on the screen is pretty easy to do, the issue comes in with actually interpreting what the user draws (i.e., users won't draw pixel perfect lines at specific lengths). I've had a lot of trouble trying to research into this further online as I'm entirely sure what it's called. There's a bunch of Japanese kana learning apps on Android that involve this kind of calligraphy - I couldn't find any source code though.<br />
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I would really appreciate it if somebody could give me something else to work off of.			</div>
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1 decade ago by Nozferatu

A thought occurred to me as I was just fiddling with my tablet! Something like might work - it could take out the human error component \(סּںסּَ` )/ۜ

Not an ideal approach however, as it might make the game a bit too easy (less than perfect pattern recognition makes it a little more challenging for players). Still open to other solutions.

1 decade ago by drhayes

I totally wanted to make that game too! I think the Android unlock pattern thing would work great because you can draw a lot of runic-looking things using that control scheme.

I've done handwriting recognition using pretty easy machine learning concepts -- a binary classifier could get you pretty far, especially if the set of runes is limited.

I think it would be easier to use the Android unlock pattern thing but don't show it to the user. Imagine a 5x5 grid. The user draws whatever they want, and then you split what they've drawn into the 5x5 grid and see where most of the "ink" is. From there you could figure out, roughly, what they've drawn. Make sense?
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