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1 decade ago by prashhnt

i am a newbie to impact. i am working on a small game in which i want to move 3-4 background layers with different speeds. how can i manage this?

by using following code, all the background layers moves with players.

this.screen.x = player.pos.x - ig.system.width/2;

but i want to give a 3D look to the background. Any suggetions?

1 decade ago by snooze

in weltmeister you can set the distance of a layer to a float value.

the smaller the value, the faster (greater steps) the layer is moving.

so, for example a value of 0.5 for a foreground-layer is double the speed of the main layer (which has distance 1)

and values 2, 3 and so on for background layers are what you are looking for :)

1 decade ago by prashhnt

thank you very much snooze... it works exactly what i want
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