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1 decade ago by JayBeez

Hi guys I am just about to buy but i had a question regarding use of this game engine.
Basically I want to know if games can be created using impactjs without writing each line of code manually? Or is it manageable thru an interface that allows you to move objects around and set parameters with the code being edited in the background?

1 decade ago by MobileMark

The Weltmeister editor lets you make levels and place entities where you want them without writing any code. To make the entities move, change animation-sheets , interact with the keyboard, etc, you need to create that entity with lines of code.

Don't be discouraged though, this engine is amazing and these forums have a wealth of information. If you're planning on trying to learn Javascript, this is definitely a good way to go.

1 decade ago by JayBeez

@ MobileMark thank you for your reply m8, I am definitely longing to learn js for game dev and have been doing duo diligence for a few weeks and I feel as this game engine/community seems to stand out as the best place to start. $100 to is great price too, I know there are plenty of open source engines out there but I don't mind paying for something of high quality.

Thx :)
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