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9 years ago by JrJungle56

When I run my game on Chrome, IE, Firefox, the game plays with a draw debug around 1.5-3ms and update lag of 3-5ms, with no system lag, however when running it in Safari for everyone who tries it, has an astronomical rate of around Draw 6ms, and update between 10-30ms! with a system lag of around 2-3ms. On top of this the game takes about 10 seconds to load after init.

Has anyone else run into this issue with Safari? I've tried removing most entities in the level and it still runs at this incredibly slow rate. Unfortunately from NDA agreements cannot post the link as it is not live

9 years ago by lTyl

Since you mentioned IE, I'm assuming you are using Windows Safari. Apple stopped updating Windows Safari at the version 5.1.7 release (Release May 2012), whereas on OS X it is version 7+, a full two year difference.

Windows Safari runs, but it does so incredibly poorly it's not even worth trying to get it working adequately. Try the OSX version of Safari and see if your performance problems go away (They should)

9 years ago by JrJungle56

Ah that would seem to make sense, I will check on a few machines to see if it runs well on OSX Safari
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