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1 decade ago by sleenee

Hey people,

When I open The game on à regular computer, everything seems fine but
When opened on an iPad, The game shakes heavily (though THE Canvas itself is stable , so THE gameworld is shaking within THE Canvas )

Dies anyone know what might be THE cause of this?

Lots of thanks in advance!

(if this text looks weird --> iPad autocorrect fucked it ;) )


1 decade ago by fugufish

hmm this happened to me before, see if my case is similar

it was because the entity size contained in your map wasn't "right". I.e the pixel size was off by 1 or 2

you might not have detected it in desktop (smaller screen maybe), but when the ipad blows up your res, the shaking seems evident.

try changing the sizes of your entities (not the animSheet) by 1 or 2 pixels

1 decade ago by sleenee

Thank you for the hint, i did find a strange think in my code that might be what you said.

I had

size: {x:32, y:48},

animSheet: new ig.AnimationSheet('media/other/clown_animationsheet.png', 32, 92 )

the animation is actually 32*92 so I changed it to.

size: {x:32, y:92},

Once I get to check out an ipad again I'll report back to say if that fixed the problem.

thank you very much!

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