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1 decade ago by taddeimania

So I have a pretty new macbook pro retina and have noticed that when I play test my game in chrome the performance is absolute crap due to system lag (thx debugger).

The first image shows a fullscreen chrome with the debugger running:

The second image shows the same debugger running with a smaller window - the game is still unplayable:

Finally this image shows the system lag when I cut down the window to size - the game runs at full speed and is great!

My big question is that this slow down isn't noticed at all in safari or firefox. Has anyone noticed recently that chrome is really sucked for system lag?

1 decade ago by taddeimania

Just tried out the browser by dragging it on to a non retina external display without resizing the proportions at all and it ran great.

pretty sure this is a macbook/retina problem rather than an impact/chrome issue.

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