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9 years ago by mccorkle

Hi all. I've got a pretty complex map that I've been tweaking for a DOTA style game I'm working on in ImpactJS and I have a crazy annoyance bug in weltmeister. Every time I load this one map and save it again (with changes or not), it always does this to the .requires line:

.requires( 'impact.image','game.entities.starter','game.entities.ending','game.entities.waypoint','','game.entities.planet' )

Notice the blank single quotes between waypoint and planet? I for the life of me can't figure out what in my level tells weltmeister to always re-insert that blank require. I have to remove that by hand every time I save this particular level for the game to load.

total one.js file here

I'm running impactJS 1.21. Any input would be awesome. I've looked over the data a few dozen times and just can't figure what is wrong in the json string that generates a blank require.

9 years ago by ansimuz

I am having the same issue.

Any solution there?


fix it:
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