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1 decade ago by Steve

When opening weltmeister.html using Safari & Firefox on OSX 10.5.8, getting an error "Unresolved (circular?) dependencies : weltmeister.weltmeister, weltmeister.edit-enities". The page renders but you can not create a layer or load.

I suspect it is a PHP problem related to WM_Config, but don't know what it should be set to.

Any help is appreciated.


1 decade ago by Steve

Fixed... I was running PHP4 instead of PHP5. Upgraded and all is working now.

7 years ago by fermudley

I am having the same issue, but now (6 years after this thread) I have PHP 7.0.1 running... Trying to figure out why..

7 years ago by lTyl

You have to serve weltmeister.html through a Web server, if you're not already doing so:

If you're on Windows, I recommend WAMP. Straightforward and easy to set-up.
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