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1 decade ago by Jerczu

I am just wondering how do you guys code your game logic? I am in the middle of developing my newest game in which I have multiple entities spawning another entities and I do the random pick of the spawner in the main.js and depending on the result (whether spawner can spawn or not) I spawn the entities or choose another one. Of course I could do that from the within the spawner or replace this with timer activated spawns but I am wondering from the performance point of view which approach is better (logic in main.js or within entity)

1 decade ago by alexandre

SpawnFactory? I may be talking through my hat (never touched js before but have experience with other languages) but could this not even be turned into some (SpawningRandomizer?) plugin? How useful that would be is debatable, though.

1 decade ago by yatayata

it would seem you want to keep logic out of main as much as possible, or main will just continue to bloat...

if you have a functionality thats shared between sprites you can create class hierarchy with impacts include/requires system, or you could create common functions as a plugin and inject into the required classes.

the guys from subsonic LLC gave a good presentation on their javascript game engine + components architecture, but their site seems to be down just right now:

1 decade ago by fugufish

@yatayata did you mean this? . Was an awesome read, thanks!

1 decade ago by Jerczu

Awesome read thanks...

1 decade ago by yatayata

that site seems to be down for me always...

anyway here's an example of how to inject functions into an entity:

requires('', 'impact.entity', 'game.entities.tourbus').
  function() {

    Mixins = {};
    Mixins.gauge = function() {

    EntityTourbus.prototype.gauge = Mixins.gauge;
    // could add to other entities here...


that has the advantage to keep functionality in modules, similar to ruby's mixins. I really like that approach over subclassing etc. as you can just cherry pick the features you need.
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