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1 decade ago by peardox

I just thought you may like to know that Playbook / Dev Alpha OS 2.1 brings ImpactJS into another device set

Today I updated my Dev devices to 2.1 and went from 12 FPS to > 40 - very fluid

Why is this important?

BB have guaranteed all developers $10k first year profits as long as we sell $1k

There's a very profitable market available to all of us simply for releasing on that platform

If anyone needs some help please feel free to contact me. I have a testing team and development resources

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

That's cool. I feel bad for BB. It's good to know they are still improving their product. I don't know anyone who has a Playbook, so selling $1K will be difficult.

Isn't their web browser based on WebKit?

1 decade ago by peardox

Yep - a webkit fork

Actually selling $1k is dead easy - one of my friends makes > $500 a month for something we wrote in a couple of days

Playbook is actually the easiest environment to develop on and you can get a dev device very cheaply

Also BB10 is out next year and is a game-changer - I know, I've got an Alpha device and even though it's a development machine its as fast as my playbooks

Around March (I guess from my insider contacts)

Its worth at least going to to explore the possibilities

More info

One of my other friends has just built me a test level with multiple layered backgrounds - we're up to five graphic layers so far with three backgrounds on top of entities and game blocks plus the collision layer

It's so smooth to play you hardly know you're playing on a tablet

We intend to release a demo version next week in time for Apps World London (1st-3rd October - 1st is evening party time)

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

Are you saying ImpactJS is fast in the playbook web browser, or as a native BB10 app? I find my Impact game very slow in the iPad 1 browser, and it only makes sense as a native app using IOSImpact or other tools that can accelerate the canvas layer.

1 decade ago by peardox

There's a beta update for the PlayBook and DevAlpha that makes the browser about 3x the speed (OS 2.1)

I'm getting about 30 FPS on the Playbook version with 9 background layers using several parallax layers

This is using the WebWorks SDK which is a HTML5 wrapper so obviously they've accelerated the canvas in this version as 2.0 was giving me terrible FPS

If you've got a PlayBook it's worth getting the beta from

Note - you have to fill the from in from the device

1 decade ago by peardox

New BB10 device hardware gives me 50FPS native as a web app

I ain't got one - my BB contact showed me at Apps World London

Contact (Luca) for info
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