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1 decade ago by Lazarus404

Hey guys,

So, I'm writing a game, which isn't fully entity / map based. The game is a little like a Bards Tale style setup, so there's a view port where I'll need to be blitting elements to screen in a given order, then as the player moves around, the view port will be re-blitted, potentially in a different order or with different elements.

Using ImpactJS, how would this best be achieved? I'm thinking using elements wouldn't be ideal. How would I go about simply outputting sprites to the view area in an update? Would it be better to write a custom component for this that works with the spritesheet functionality provided by ImpactJS?


1 decade ago by drhayes

I have no idea how to do this. I am fully pulling this out of my ass.

I think you'll still find the entity system useful (e.g. have you seen the sortBy property? An Impact entity is pretty much already what you'd write as a sprite: it has a position, a width/height, a current animation. You'd need to essentially turn off the physics: no gravity, nothing collides with anything else, etc.

Sure, you wouldn't be placing the entities in the level editor... but you could place spawn points in levels and then those spawn points, in their ready methods, could update corresponding models about the world map. Am I making sense?

The logic for your game would essentially move to the model layer. All the Impact entities would become the views to those models.

1 decade ago by Lazarus404

I think I found it. I'll just use the DrawTile method. The tiles are of varying sizes, but I don't think this matters, here.

Thanks for the attempt, though :-)

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