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9 years ago by sunnybubblegum

In Weltmeister's tile painter window, often my tilesheet is too large for even my fullscreen browser window. It would be helpful if when selecting my tile, I could scroll down or right to find the right one. Does this make sense?

9 years ago by stahlmanDesign

You could change your zoom level in the weltmeister config file to .5 and then everything would be half the size. Not quite the fix you were looking for but it might help.

9 years ago by sunnybubblegum

Thanks for the suggestion, stahlmanDesign. I've done this before. And while it helps somewhat for this particular problem, I don't like staying at that zoom level for tile painting. I guess an alternate solution (request) would be to incorporate a zoom in/out feature directly in Weltmeister.

9 years ago by Datamosh

You can use the wheel to change zoom!
Not ideal but useful with a lot of tiles

9 years ago by sunnybubblegum

Ahhh, you're right Datamosh. Sorry, my bad.
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