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1 decade ago by danicor


My application works correctly with PhoneGap (too slow, poor perfomance) and CocoonJS (good performance) but fails with Intel XDK. Anyone have experience in use ImpactJS and Intel XDK together?

Thanks to all

1 decade ago by IntelTyler

Hey danicor!

I've built and deployed a couple games with the Intel XDK and our acceleration tech called App Game Interfaces. Using this tech does require some re-structuring of your code though. If you don't use AGI, then your game will run about as fast as it does on phonegap.

You can find a tutorial and explanation of AGI here:

AGI documentation:

I hope that helps!

1 decade ago by fluxmeister

If anyone is looking to convert their ImpactJS app over to the accelerated Intel XDK functionality I would highly recommend this video guide and associated demo file (linked in the description):

Beware that the "AppMobi." references should be updated to "intel.xdk."

Also in the latest Intel XDK you'll get a popup warning about some deprecated script references so be sure to remove the lines below:
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="lib/appmobi/keymapper.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="lib/appmobi/appmobi_shim.js"></script>

and replace them with:
<script src='intelxdk.js'></script>

I just went through this process 10 minutes ago and it was quick to switch my ImpactJS project and see it functional in the "Emulate" section of the Intel XDK application.

I just hope the associated demo/tutorial zip file gets updated with the latest because there are way too many sources of inaccurate and/or out of date information. My request to the Intel XDK folks: Please maintain a single up-to-date "ImpactJS + Accelerated Canvas" guide. :)

Exporting from my PC to both an iOS and Android device was a breeze. Intel XDK has really impressed me thus far.

1 decade ago by WalaWala

If you only want to publish to Android and got some knowledge of the App infrastructure (e.g. you can compile an App by yourself) you can probably use my wrapper (no touch functionality yet, though - I think that that will be available later this month)

You don't have to change anything, it should be quite compatible with currently working HTML pages.

1 decade ago by IntelTyler


I will work on getting a more up to date tutorial on how to convert ImpactJS games over to AGI. I'll also try to get the older videos taken down or updated.

I appreciate you posting great information for other users to start with!

1 decade ago by fluxmeister

I forgot there was one more change required to make the Intel XDK and ImpactJS work together. I had to stub out the following functions in impact/system.js:

ig.System.SCALE = {
    CRISP: function( canvas, context ) {},
    SMOOTH: function( canvas, context ) {}

Changing impactJS code doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy!

Also if you attempt to use the TouchButton Plugin ( You'll need to modify the TouchButtonCollection.init function to not use the document object.

    init: function( buttons ) {
        this.buttons = buttons;
        // Intel XDK -- replaced document with Canvas
        Canvas.addEventListener('touchstart', this.touchStart.bind(this), false);
        Canvas.addEventListener('touchend', this.touchEnd.bind(this), false);
        Canvas.addEventListener('MSPointerDown', this.touchStartMS.bind(this), false);
        Canvas.addEventListener('MSPointerUp', this.touchEndMS.bind(this), false);
        // Intel XDK -- disable
        // = 'none';

It should be noted that the TouchButton Plugin did not work on my Droid Razr. My iPad2 worked fine though. If it doesn't exist already, a detailed database of per device Intel XDK + ImpactJS issues/solutions would be awesome! (sorry I'm not actually all that web savvy to just whip that up)
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