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7 years ago by Razouille

Hello everyone, I'm trying to develop an HTML5 game for Android and iOS, so I tried appmobi but I have so low framerate on it. I see that with Impactjs and Ejecta games can be run with almost native performance on iOS, but what about Android ? Is there any lib/framework/tool/tip with Impactjs that can help me ?
I will appreciate if anyone would like to help me out.

7 years ago by TylerAppmobi

Hey Razouille,

Have you optimized your code for mobile? Typically ImpactJS games run fairly slow on mobile devices without implementing certain techniques. You can read this page for more details.

We also have a technology that accelerates performance on both iOS and Android called directCanvas. Here is a video showing how to convert your game to use directCanvas. If you have any questions, just let me know.



7 years ago by Razouille

I heard that there will be a big Android update which will improve HTML5 performance on browers, by then I will use directCanvas, it works well I have between 40 and 60FPS with 30 moving objects on the screen (constant 60FPS on iPad2 with more than 200 moving objects !!!). I hope Google will make it better fast !

Btw, thank you for your help ! I can go back on my game now :)
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