Ever since I got into React and ES6 syntax I've wished I could easily write Impact in ES6. I've also been watching the evolution of Phaser, waiting for version 3.0 to be released before I start learning it (after 3.0 is released they will begin to support ES6 syntax with Babel)

Then I saw there is now support for Weltmeister tile maps. That was always a big advantage of Impact vs. Phaser.

Impact physics and the Weltmeister level editor format are now integrated with the (Phaser 3 beta 19) Tilemap API. The editor has pretty nice features, like the ability to define a collision map where you can assign slopes to tiles. If you used Ninja physics in v2, you are probably familiar with that concept.

Loading a Weltmeister map is almost exactly the same as loading a JSON Tiled map:

Issue 113 of Phaser World

It seems you can still use Weltmeister as your editor, but program the game in Phaser (Web GL support etc.)

I would still love to see Impact evolve or have an open source "community edition" like Phaser. The way Impact is structured is so elegant that I hate to see it stagnate or fade in popularity