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1 decade ago by RogueMeridian

So, I'm working on a tactical board game kind of like War machine. Say I have a generic warrior entity that's sole purpose is to be extended to say... Valeran Dreadnought or some such.

Should my stats be laid out with the stat name and value (HP: 50) in the entity file or is there some other way? Is there some way to prototype this so I just have everything structured but not set until I instantiate?

I'm coming from java and c++ and JavaScript is all new to me. Thanks for any help.

1 decade ago by Jackolantern

Any piece of data that relates to an individual entity (an instance of a class) should stay inside that entity. In my opinion, it should stay inside the entity it relates to, even if the data is mostly consumed by something else. That way you get a new instance of the stat for each of the entities you create, which would be difficult to do if it is external to the entity.

1 decade ago by RogueMeridian

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