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7 years ago by modparlor

Hoi everyone.

I want to build a game with a tactical mechanic of classic top-down roundbased movement and combat. For that I would need walls that can be placed between tiles, line-of-sight/line-of-fire and pathfinding.

I would also like to increase the tile size to something between 25x25 up to perhaps 75x75, preferably including a zoom-feature.

Perhaps the possiblity to freeze the game-loop and resume it upon user action would also do good for turn-based performance that people are used to.

Does Impact come with those features or should I look to a different engine for doing this? How difficult would it be to tack on these features in Impact with custom code?

I like the ready-made editor, so I'm really interested in Impact and I don't mind getting my hands dirty with modifications on Impact - but it has to be realisticly possible for a one-man coder.

Can anyone give some educated info on these questions?

7 years ago by stahlmanDesign

Pausing the game loop is easy. Just bind a pause button to a function that changes the global time scale to zero and then back to 1:
		// in main.js init()
		ig.input.bind(ig.KEY.P, 'pause');
		// in update main.js update()
		if (ig.input.pressed("pause")) this.pause(); // pause whole game
		pause: function()
		  ig.Timer.timeScale = 0; = true;
		unpause: function()
		  ig.Timer.timeScale = 1; = false;

I'm not quite sure I understand the walls between tiles but a top-down game is perfectly doable and there are many examples. Zooming might be problematic because you are dealing with pixel-based sprites, not vectors or 3D. You can rotate sprites but changing the scale is not as easy in Impact.
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