In iOS front, Ejecta solves the nativeApp issue elegantly. Buy maybe there are still some open questions.

However, on Android I think there are still a lot of points. And also there is this new Win8 Pro / RT whatever thing coming. And not forget OUYA and the like.

I really want to have information like "How to adapt screen resolution", "How to handle touch and mouse in same code", "How to access native API" in one place.

My point is, I think a new topic under Forums with "Going Native" or smt. like that would be nice. What do you think Dominic?

By the way, I recently got a Nexus 7 and tested my game. It runs very fast BUT the Chrome on Android sucks utterly on displaying HTML5 Games. I didn't tried Opera but I guess the future of browsing in Android is Chrome, as now it comes bundled with.

There is this taskbar (with home, back, history) from android on the bottom, the notification bar on the top and the huge Chrome tabs below, eating up a lot of space. I'd say, at this point, it's pretty much unrealistic to assume anyone will play your Impact game on Chrome in Android. It is just painful. By the way, I designed the game to run just with "left-click", and I was really impressed that it runs in touchscreen with almost no problems.