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1 decade ago by dtowong

Hi I'm new in the forum I'm very insteresting in develop games with Impact JS.

My friends and me are thinking of develop games with Impact JS. We are students and we have some doubts about ImpactJS because we can't try it. Much people in differents blogs give us a lots of good references about it and I have some doubts in comparision with another game engines, for example Game Maker or others; excuse me for the comparision.
It just that I appreciate your opinions and reasons for prefer ImpactJS.


1 decade ago by drhayes

I think ImpactJS is more low-level than other game creation programs I've seen, but that's what I like about it: the flexibility.

You'll find people on the forum making RPGs, making space shooters, making platformers. There are Impact games that are entirely static, Impact games where the levels are generated server-side. Impact games where game creators have re-written parts of the engine itself to do things Dominic never thought about doing.

I've messed around with other game engines (heck, I've written one: I was considering making a game with Unity, even. Unity is a fantastic framework, and it's free.

However, I'm a JS programmer. I like code. I like being able to modify the engine and being able to look at the source next to the documentation. I want to make 2d games quickly without jumping through a lot of hoops.

I choose ImpactJS. ( =

1 decade ago by Husten

i m a freelancer and develop little marketing "play and win shit" games in facebook, websites an mobile. and for these games impact js is perfect cause its always a "moving around" nothing more. but i know, impact can do more. i never needed the gameleveleditor :) my games are too simple :)
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