I just packed some Biolab Disaster's entities together. The pack mostly contains "logic" entities that are not directly visible in the game. These entities are ready to be used in your project.

Visit your download page for the link.

The Entity Pack includes:

  • EntityTrigger – a generic trigger entity, that does something when touched
  • EntityDelay – a delay that can be used in conjunction with a trigger
  • EntityHurt – gives damage to the activating entity
  • EntityLevelchange – loads the specified level when triggered
  • EntityEarthquake – shakes the screen when triggered
  • EntityMover – an example of a simple moving platform that visits all its targets
  • EntityParticle – generic particle entity
  • EntityDebris – spawns a number of particles when triggered
  • EntityVoid – does nothing; can be used as a target for movers
Monday, January 3rd 2011
Tags: Examples