Version 1.17 of Impact is now available on your download page. The most noticeable change is the new "fullscreen" layout for Weltmeister. Huge thanks to Harry Harrison, who worked his CSS magic to make Weltmeister look as awesome as it does now!

Running Weltmeister in this fullscreen mode of course needs some more performance than it did in the small window, but I found that all modern browsers are up to the task. If you are using Firefox 3.6 you should definitely update. Current versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and (behold) IE9 all have excellent Canvas drawing performance.

Weltmeister has also been updated to allow foreground layers, that are drawn in front of the entities. Just drag and drop the entity layer in the layer selection below those layers you want to have in the foreground.

The Sound system has been updated to support additional audio formats and fixes some bugs with IE9. The sound now works pretty well in Safari, Opera, Firefox and IE9, but is still horribly broken in Chrome 12 – I heard they're working on it, though!

Again, if you&039;re updating from a previous version, take care to not overwrite your own files. You'll just need to update the files in #lib/impact/, lib/weltmeister/ and the weltmeister.html file.

Changelog - Impact

Changelog - Weltmeister

  • Completely new layout, thanks to Harry Harrison
  • Added support for foreground layers
  • Added Save (for quick saving over the current file) and New buttons
  • Entity animations now display the correct (first) frame of their animation
  • The wm.config.projects.entityFiles setting now also accepts an array of paths to load (Thanks to Greg Thornton)
Wednesday, March 23rd 2011
Tags: Releases