Version 1.19 of Impact is now available on your download page. The main feature of this release are sloped tiles and various improvements to the Weltmeister level editor.

If you're updating from a previous version, take care to not overwrite your own files. You'll just need to update the files in lib/impact/, lib/weltmeister/ and the weltmeister.html file.

Changelog - Impact

  • Support for slopes. See ig.CollisionMap and ig.Entity's .slopeStanding
  • Added .ready() function for ig.Entity
  • Added support for named music track to ig.Music
  • Added support for line breaks in ig.Font (thanks Arantor)
  • Added utility functions for Number to convert .toDeg() <> .toRad()
  • Added .released() method for ig.Input
  • Added .autoSort and .sortBy functions for entities
  • Improved performance for collision checks; ignores entities that don't collide
  • Prevent Notices for undefined variables in the bake.php script
  • Make sure actions are cleared when unbinding a button
  • Check for overlaps instead of adjacent entities - this should stabilize dynamic collisions, such as stacked crates
  • Fixed bug where Entities would be drawn 1px off from the background map

Changelog - Weltmeister

  • Collision Map is now a checkbox instead of being implicitly declared by the name
  • Added new, auto resized collision tiles with slopes
  • Added Pre-Render checkbox for layers
  • Entity Modules are now automatically required by the generated level files


Version 0.9 of iOSImpact features various bugfixes, greatly improved performance, an updated JavaScript Runtime and significantly smaller file size. Compile Time Warnings introduced with XCode 4.0 have been fixed and the whole project has been cleaned up. Please note that iOSImpact is still in beta.

Thanks to Nathan de Vries and others for contributions.

Tuesday, December 20th 2011
Tags: Releases