The Ejecta github project is still full steam ahead. This 1.2 release again brings a whole bunch of bugfixes, moves the Canvas implementation closer to the spec and adds some missing features. Notably, this release brings support for ctx.clip() for the Canvas element. The only missing Canvas features are now gradients, shadows and patterns.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed and reported bugs!

Grab the latest release version from the Ejecta project page.


  • Added support for ctx.clip()
  • Added support for XMLHttpRequest to access local files
  • Added support for auto-loading of @2x textures
  • Added navigator.onLine to check for internet connectivity
  • Added ejecta.getText() for prompt-style text input
  • Added Image.complete boolean flag
  • Fixed various bugs in XMLHttpRequest
  • Fixed various line drawing bugs with closed/unclosed paths
  • Fixed problems with ctx.transform() and ctx.arcTo()
  • Fixed ctx.fill() to use non-zero winding rule instead of even-odd rule
  • Fixed problems with unicode chars when drawing text
  • Fixed problems with ctx.imageSmoothingEnabled not beeing honored for different Canvas elements
  • Fixed failed Image loading when the Screen Canvas context was not created prior
  • Fixed touch event not reporting .touches and .changedTouches correctly

Also check out the awesome EjectaGL project by @vikerman - he made some good progress on getting WebGL support into Ejecta. We're looking into bringing this over to Ejecta proper for some future release.

Wednesday, November 28th 2012
Tags: Releases, Ejecta