Impact 1.24 adds transparent support for WebAudio and automatic audio unlocking on mobile devices, improves certain aspects of Weltmeister and removes some old cruft. With this version audio now finally works on mobile devices.

This release also fixes some minor issues with the TwoPointFive Plugin.

TwoPointFive Plugin for Impact Super Blob Blaster – Demo Game for the TwoPointFive Plugin

As always, if you&039;re updating from a previous version, take care to not overwrite your own files. You'll just need to update the files in #lib/impact/ and lib/weltmeister/. Grab the new version from your download page.

Changelog - Impact

  • Added: Use WebAudio when available
  • Added: .loop property for sounds
  • Changed: Array prototype methods are added in a non-invasive fashion
  • Changed: removed old, non-standard JavaScript getters/setters

Changelog - Weltmeister

  • Added: new .plugins to lib/weltmeister/config.js variable to load additional modules for Weltmeister
  • Added: Support for unidirectional scrolling for touchpads (disabled by default; see lib/weltmeister/config.js)
  • Changed: Level files are pretty printed by default
  • Changed: Additional properties in level files are now preserved when loading and saving levels
Monday, July 28th 2014
Tags: Releases