Version 2.1 finally marks the point where Ejecta feels like a first class citizen on iOS. The updated JavaScript Core API on iOS 10 now provides an API to read and write Typed Arrays from JavaScript natively, which speeds up many WebGL operations and direct pixel manipulations in for Canvas2D.

Ejecta 2.1 makes use of this new API - this streamlines the whole internal design, making Ejecta's code more elegant and straightforward then ever.

I previously wrote a lengthy blog post about the ordeal and hoops we had to jump through with Typed Arrays before this new API became available. You can read about my whole journey over at phoboslab: The Absolute Worst Way To Read Typed Array Data with JavaScriptCore.

Screenshot from my Wipeout Model Viewer running in Ejecta

Of course Ejecta 2.1 also comes with a lot of bugfixes and small improvements.

Ejecta 2.1 requires XCode 8.0 to compile and runs on iOS 10 and tvOS. As always, the newest release can be found on the Ejecta project page. If you need compatibility with an older iOS version, please use the 2.0 release.

Wednesday, September 21st 2016
Tags: Releases, iOS, Ejecta, tvOS