I'm working on an entity that will allow one to add a decorative sprite via the entities layer in weltmeister.html

All inspired by the wish to add a couple clouds to my level without using up the space in my TileSet or creating a whole layer just for one cloud.

The filename, alpha, zIndex, etc can be entered in the Entity Settings of weltmeister

It's a work in process -- as I learn more about javascript and impactjs I make it more solid.

If you'd like to take a look, the source can be found at:

I wish I could put more error checking in the entity -- but I'm not sure how yet.
At the moment if the width or height exceeds the graphic dimensions everything goes haywire. Also I haven't found a graceful way to recover from missing graphics file.

It's kind of a simple minded entity, but I figured someone else might also find it useful or inspire an even better version