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9 years ago by begs

I wanted to ask what's the best way to prepare an ImpactJS game for steam.
I read that you could pack it with nodewebkit e.g but i don't have a clue, if this is then a format steam accepts.

Best regards

9 years ago by drhayes

It is. There are other HTML5 games wrapped in nw.js that are on the Steam store right now. This one was made in Phaser and wrapped in NW.

9 years ago by begs

That's great!
Thanks for the quick answer :)

9 years ago by Krisjet

Ansimuz on this forum released Elliot Quest on Steam, he's probably the guy to ask when it comes to getting stuff wrapped properly etc. I think he used nodewebkit, but not 100%. He's on twitter and patreon, just shoot him a question and I'm sure he'll respond.

8 years ago by lunarcloud

I would suggest using Greenworks and NWJS.
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