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1 decade ago by obj63

Quote from MobileMark
Hey Dom, I've been using Box2D and it's working great but I can't figure out a couple of things.

How can you use Collision detection with Box2D in ImpactJS to fire functions?( I can't seem to get b2.contactlistener to work)

Hi All,

I managed to figure out how to fill my circle just fine by extending the debug class to a new one and using that to draw the fill. Anyways does anyone know how to detect the collisions. Basically I want to know if the object has collided with the collision map?

1 decade ago by quidmonkey

I wrote this Box2D Collision Detection Plugin a couple months back. You might find it useful.

1 decade ago by alexandre

Side note: it would be nice if Dominic's box2d plugin were upgraded from time to time. dkollman's version supports a more recent of box2d and I've been using that for a while but it doesn't seem maintained (last post by him was 8months ago). So, please, pull? ;)
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