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1 decade ago by stillen

This allows you to check if an application is installed on the iPhone by url. If it is, then you can successfully open the application.

if( window.ejecta ){
    var OpenUrl = new Ejecta.OpenUrl('fb:');
    if(OpenUrl.isUrlSafeToOpen() == "true"){
  console.log('facebook not installed')};

This checks if the user has Facebook is installed, then it will open the Facebook App to your game Facebook Fan Page.

1 decade ago by mimik

Minimal code :-)
This will work with any url based app right?
Like Twitter

1 decade ago by stillen

Yup the idea was if you know the app url, you can test if then handle it accordingly. I have been checking if FB is installed and if not, then opening instead of the app.

If you have other games with a url added to it, then you can link to your other games too.
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