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1 decade ago by alexandre

Hi all

Here's a test rig I wrote to better understand the interaction between various Entity movement properties. I'm also using it to calibrate my entity classes. It's a bit rough around the edges and kind of weird around slopes--slopes are kind of weird around me too, though--but it helped me, and I think it can help some, so here it is. Any questions, let me know.

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Source code for controls (buttons, property sliders, and property joysticks)  <a href= available here

1 decade ago by Graphikos

Cool tool alexandre. I like it. If you got some time, post it under resources at POIJS. I think others will find it very useful.

What does the green button do?

1 decade ago by clok

Very awesome tool @alexandre!

Obligatory question for all things awesome in software: Possible we can get the source? :] Github perhaps?

I would love to fork it and see what I can do with Box2D and this tool.

Great work!

1 decade ago by alexandre

Hi Graphikos. I had not forgotten. I'll post it on POIJS in the morning.

The green button restores the player's original position (i.e., start), while the red one resets all (original player position and property values).

1 decade ago by alexandre

@clok thanks. I'll be posting the property slider and joystick entities code tomorrow. Code for the test rig app I will hold off on posting until I've improved the implementation of handleMovementTrace.

1 decade ago by alexandre

I added the rig to resources, classified as Utility, as opposed to Entities. Am in doubt, though. Was that the best choice? Will edit if not.

1 decade ago by Graphikos

I would say Utility is a good category choice.
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