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1 decade ago by jrfernandez

Hi all,

I made a fog of war plugin for Impact. It was originally part of my roguelike game, but I decided to extract the code and share it with the community. I'd love some feedback.

You can see it in action here:

1 decade ago by gort

AWESOME! just what i've been looking for. Oh and The readme is better on yours than on most impact plugins. It's like walking in a fog of war implementing these plugins. Great job, jrfernandez

1 decade ago by gort

It deosn't seem to be working. can u help? PLEASE! i really need it to work

1 decade ago by Joncom

Quote from gort
It deosn't seem to be working. can u help? PLEASE! i really need it to work
Please provide more information.
What have you done so far?
What problems do you see?
What errors are in your console?

1 decade ago by ckcollab

First of all: that game itself is effing awesome! I caught myself playing it for like 15 minutes, waiting for story or something to start or a key or specific level or something.

As for the library, seems great and I think I might throw it in my RPG! :D

1 decade ago by gort

Well... No errors in the console. game otherwise works fine. did exactly what the readme said. Checked and Checked my code till my eyes hurt. Its nice to see someone FINALLY answered me!

1 decade ago by jrfernandez

gort, sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Apparently these forums do not notify you on replies.

Were you able to get the plugin working? I open sourced my game, which uses the plugin. You can also use that as sample code:

1 decade ago by matthewjames

I like this, it is a good starting point for RTS development/MOBA's.

I wonder how hard it would be to add in damping to make it smooth?

1 decade ago by Joncom

The plugin simply draws rectangles, so smoothing would take a little effort. One possible method would be to create a tilesheet of "soft" corners and edges. And you'd have to come up with some algorithm that determines which tile type is appropriate in which position...
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