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1 decade ago by Errk

I'm creating an RPG game that has a top level world map view (birds eye view), and a platform view. I'm running into weird problems when I want to use the Box2D physics engine for my platform view, but I don't want it for my world map view.

Is there a way to switch between the two games easily? I find it hard because one of the game objects would require me to extend ig.Box2DGame and one would require me to extend ig.Game. Using Box2DGame for both would add unnecessary complications because I don't want things like gravity in my world map view.

Any help would be appreciated :)

1 decade ago by Errk

sorry, just realized that this may be in the wrong section, please move it to the "help" section if possible.

1 decade ago by LaserBeam

I think it would be easier if you just use Box2D for both "worlds". Just turn off things that you don't want in the world map, for example set gravity to 0.

1 decade ago by Arantor

The performance aspects to that may not be worth the 'ease' of it. However you should be able to switch between game objects using ig.system.setGame(), remembering to move data out of the game object into somewhere global before switching, and pulling the game data back after the switch, e.g. to make sure inventory and health and stats are retained.

1 decade ago by Errk

Thanks for the help, didn't know about ig.system.setGame() before :O
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