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1 decade ago by Ptg

Link: Image Blender

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<br />
This plugin allows you to tint/blend images using any specified color. It works kind of like the old palette-shifting approaches in old-school games, but you can effectively colourize an ig.Image or ig.AnimationSheet to any custom color.<br />
<br />
The blending is done using a 'multiply' blending operation, which is what you typically want when you want to colorize something. All the coloring is done client side, so you can have a single grayscale image and 'generate' many versions of it at runtime that are all different color.<br />
<br />
The plugin works by injecting into the base ig.Image, so you do not need to change much code. Whenever you are specifying the path to an image, simply append on <strong>#hexcolor</strong> to the end of the path. So for example:<br />
<br />
Change<br />
<br />
<pre class= var img = new ig.Image( 'player.png' );

var img = new ig.Image( 'player.png#FF0000' );

If you want to tint your player sprite red.

The reason I use hash tags to specify the colour, is because:

- Your browser cache WILL be used to load the image again each time, which is good. We don't want to re-download the image every time there is a new tint.
- The ImpactJS cache will NOT be used between different colored tints, which is also good (we don't want each tint to modify the same underlying image). The cache will only be used when referring to the same tints (since the path will match, of course).

Link: Image Blender

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

I was hoping someone would develop this!

1 decade ago by Hareesun

I saw that someone titled Hiive on here had developed something similar to this for his game Creatures & Castles. He shared the code, but it wasn't too clear on how to install.

I'm not calling you out on it, just letting you know that there is something similar already out there - Link

1 decade ago by Ptg

Hareesun, good to know - I had searched for quite a bit for something similar but couldn't find anything. I guess my Google skills are fading!

So I guess what might interest people then is the differences between this plugin and that other one:

This plugin...
- does not support colors defined by name like aliceblue, aqua etc. You have to use the hex color values directly.
- is much smaller and lighter weight, judging by the sources.
- injects transparently. You do not need to add new tint calls to your code etc. Just change the path to include the tint color for anything that should be tinted

1 decade ago by fulvio

I've created a plugin that's based on this plugin, which allows you to set a hex color as a background color and set its alpha to transparent. Useful for tilesets and images that don't have a transparent background.

1 decade ago by ansimuz


Thanks for this great plugin it works perfect for what im looking to achieve.

1 decade ago by drhayes

Thanks for bumping this post! I needed something like this, too.

1 decade ago by jul

I needed a similar thing but to replace pixels of a certain colour (e.g to change the colour of the player's belt, hat etc) so I forked the plugin and created one based on Ptg's. Anyone interested can get it here

Use like so:

var img = new ig.Image( 'player.png#FF0000#00FF00' )

which will replace all pixels with hex value #00FF00 with #FF0000

1 decade ago by Jackolantern

Oh that is cool, jul! So you could put placeholder colors on your sprites and then adjust them in the code!

1 decade ago by jul

Jackolantern: Yep that's how I use it!
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