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1 decade ago by collinhover

I really don't want to hijack this thread, but because it has been a while since this plugin was updated I wanted to help anyone looking for easy to use UI and mention that Impact++ has a full set of UI elements, including interactive (buttons), meters, overlays, text, etc: (check the left side under UI)

1 decade ago by anchpop

I know that this is a super old thread, but I need help. I just used CocoonJS to port my game to IOS and none of the buttons work. I think this probably has something to do with the bindings to mouse1.

Any ideas?

EDIT May 15: I changed every occurrence of mouse1 in the code to MOUSE1, and touch started working, but now I have another problem.

Quote from anchpop
When I press anywhere on the screen, it is like I pressed on the point I tapped previously.

So let's say I start the app and tap on button A. Nothing will happen. Then if I tap on button B it will be as if I tapped on button A. Then if I tap on button C it will be as if I tapped on button B, etc.

It works on my laptop when I click on the buttons, just not the Ipad. Any help is appreciated!
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