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9 years ago by BBreitenbach

**Update: I got it sort of solved. Used another tween plugin and go it working. The built-in tween does not seem to support objects passing, only a single tier of properties...but I am still playing around with it**
*Its late, and I posted this under Code, and I meant it under the help section. My brain is fried right now. I apologize*
Does anyone know where there may be more Impact++ demos/tutorials. It is really good stuff, and I finally know impact.js well enough to make some decent stuff. I thought I would try impact++, but it is just massive and a bit above my level. I am looking for any resources that can show things a bit more clearly than just the docs. I might as well embarrass myself a bit and admit that I can't get a simple tween to work in impact++ right now. I started looking into it, and I still can't figure out why it is not working. I used a plugin with normal impact and bam, done. I really want to make use of the hundreds, if not thousands, of features it has, but the road to learning is proving difficult. If anyone has anything, please post and let me know.

For example, I was just playing around with the dummy ent. =, 50, 220, {});{
pos: { x: 50,y:220 }
}, {
name: "TestTween",
duration: 500,
noComplete: false,
stopped: false,
onComplete: function () { console.log("move completed " + JSON.stringify( },

dummy.pos returns null and I never get it to move at all. Very strange.

9 years ago by pattentrick

Good to know that you solved that tweening issue! Unfortunately tweening is not as fleshed out in ++ as you might expected. If you are looking for ++ tutorials @collinhover and I wrote some which you can finde here:

But I am pretty sure you already know about those. I am not aware of some other tutorials regarding to ++, but maybe you find some additional infos at this thread:

Or at this issue page:

Please bear in mind that ++ is sadly not actively developed anymore.

9 years ago by RockLeo

I'd love to learn more about tween.

It's something I never could understand, maybe because english is not my birth language or just I'm too stupid to understand lol.


Could you explain what you wanted to achieve and how you fixed it?

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