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1 decade ago by thomas__james

Hi everyone,

I am quite new to impact.js and game development in general but I have been seeking a good solution for making an isometric game with HTML5 and JavaScript for a while and after some research I discovered this plugin:

Which seems to have been subsequently refined into this: which looks extremely promising.

Essentially I was wondering if any seasoned impact game developers could offer a clearer step by step guide to setting this up (I am unclear about the patching) and if this will be compatible with the latest version of impact (the developer states it is designed for use with v1.19). Also I was wondering if Weltmeister could still be used in conjunction with this and more broadly if anyone has had any success using it?

1 decade ago by gort

I have the same question HELP!

1 decade ago by ape

I have no idea if it's useful to reply to this old thread, but it caught my eye.

So, I wrote the original IsometricMap, and it looks like Jess Telford forked it and continued making awesome improvements.

The original is here:

But Jess has detailed instructions here:

To apply the patch, you'll need to use a patching tool. You can also pretend you're the patching tool and do it by hand.

Github helps by formatting the patch file - the lines in green are what you want to add to the lib/impact/game.js file (in the case of the first patch). Lines in red are lines you want to remove. Here's are links to the formatted patches:

I doubt it'll work with Weltmeister, but I suspect it'll still work fine with the latest Impact.
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