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9 years ago by bitanical

I'm not sure this was worthy of a fork, or even a forum post, but I thought it might be useful for someone else looking for a simple localStorage wrapper.

Store.js is a simple and lightweight alternative to the Lawnchair.js library that's been mentioned on the forums before.

I took store.js and wrapped it in an Impact module to more easily compile it into the game's build and expose the store api within the ig namespace as

You can find the github repo here:

9 years ago by mimik

Nice plugin!
I usually just do my localstorage manually.
But this is much nice!

Thank you.

9 years ago by Joncom

Wow, that's clean. A handy plugin for sure, thanks!

9 years ago by Gamma

Could you give me an example of how I would save the players position on a level, and health? I would appreciate that. And wonderful plugin.
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