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1 decade ago by jessefreeman

Super Jetroid Starter Kit is a full game template to help you fast track your ImpactJS game development on Windows 8 and Web. I have released the source code for it on github here, along with a post on how to get started with using it to build a game for Windows 8 here. You can also just watch the videos on how to use this starter kit on Vimeo here as well.

The code is still really rough but the emphasis is on building levels with all the entities I've included in the starter kit as well as being able to better understand how to publish a Windows 8 game with Impact.

I plan on doing more Stater Kits like this so any feedback you have would be very helpful.

1 decade ago by Neeko

Very cool Jesse, thanks for making the project open source.

1 decade ago by alexandre

Jesse, how does this differ from your original (circa 8months or so ago) Impact-Boostrap project? I took a quick look and a lot of the original functionality and terminology seems in place.

A fan of your work, as always.

1 decade ago by spacehunter

Thanks for sharing your code Jesse, much appreciated!

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

I'm also interested in how this relates to Impact-Bootstrap, which offers a lot of out-of-othe box features like pausing and text dialog boxes. I imagine the code in Super Jetroid is more up-to-date and some of the features might eventually make it into Impact-Bootstrap?

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

I spent some time reading the ReadMe on github, and it looks like it's the same Impact-Bootstrap from 2012 :
v1.0.0 Initial Import from my original Impact Bootstrap with a modified version of Super Jetroid and Win8 specific additions such as resizing, touch controls and stripping out platform plugins not needed on Win8.

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

I just used my preferred sprite packer, Texture Packer instead of ugly (but free) AIR app Shoebox with the Super Jetroid starter kit.

Built-in JSON Array export worked perfectly and produced the same kind of file the kit uses. You just have to make sure you change entities.json filename produced by Texture Packer to entities.txt.

This is great if you have built a game using Texture Packer, Zwoptex or other sprite packers and you want to port it to Impact's simpler way of using sprites.

That said, Impact's way is more approachable for beginners and I like that simplicity.

1 decade ago by the_Simian

Thanks for sharing this. I am also enjoying your book on Impact Development

1 decade ago by paulh

What id liek to see is the template expanded to work with ejecta (with tutorial), android, win8, all browsers and to deal with all the different screen resolutions/sizes and pixel depths .. essentialy one template to kick out impact games on all mobile/desktop platforms in one codebase..
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