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1 decade ago by StuartTresadern

This plugin simply allows you to add value tiles within weltmeister which you can then check against in your game. It can also dynamically add collision tiles on initialization and when running optionally add / remove collision tiles when the max / min values are reached. This is the first of two plugins which work well together (Dynamic Map Plugin next).

Live Demos using the plugin:

More Details and all the Links:

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(The Pac Hack Demo is just to show 240 dynamic tiles).			</div>
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1 decade ago by lazer

This looks like just what I need. Right now I'm using entities for moving shootable blocks, but tiles might be much better if I can get them working. Thanks for the plugin!

1 decade ago by StuartTresadern

@lazer. Depends on how you want to move the blocks. if you only need to move them cell by cell then this may be a good option. If you need to move the blocks at pixel level then you are better to stay with entities. If your block entities are not moving every frame look at caching the draw calls if you have performance issues.

Part 2 is now on my blog:

1 decade ago by lazer

Hmm great tip about the caching, thank you. The entities are moving like this:

There's a timer. Every time it reaches its target each block's vel.y changes to 300 and the blocks start to fall/move down until they reach their next ending position. The timer then restarts and the blocks are stationary until it finishes its next cycle.

Not sure if using tiles is more appropriate than entities here. I already have the whole system working with entities, so if I can get caching working and stick with those that would be ideal, but performance is of course a factor.
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