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1 decade ago by FragOnly

I have created a simple plugin to support the Tiled Map Editor JSON file format from inside of impact (

Some of the features it supports today are:
Loading saved JSON files at runtime
Supports orthogonal map orientation
Square tile size
Multiple tile sets per tile layer
Ordered tile layers

1 decade ago by Warspawn

nice! as it turns out I have also been working on one the past few days. mine is a bit different and requires the use of impact-layers.

1 decade ago by Cless

Awesome! Thanks for this. Very useful. :)

1 decade ago by Cless

I've had a few hours to try out both plugins. I'll probably stick with Warspawn's, mainly because it doesn't force you to load the JSON via XMLHttpRequest. (But that would be a really useful development feature to add.)

The first plugin loads the file from lib/games/levels via XHR, but that's only useful during development. In production, there will be no lib folder, presumably.
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